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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open and accepting admissions after a screening process.  Our staff are following strict safety protocols to help protect you.

Established in Cape Town in 2010, Ixande is a one-stop in-patient treatment facility (from medical detox and individualised in-patient programmes through to sober living). Ixande is fully registered with the Department of Social Development and Department of Health of South Africa, offering clinical care in a community setting.  Our treatment programme is rated 9/10 by our clients!


Ixande is dedicated to providing the best possible addiction care at the lowest possible cost.  We are a designated Medical Aid service provider.

We offer medically supervised Detox, extended In-patient treatment care, as well as Sober Living and Out-patient treatment programmes.  You can use your Medical Aid to pay for treatment.  

We provide extended care treatment for:

This includes process addictions such as:

Our experienced multi-disciplinary team consists of highly qualified clinical professionals, and 24-hour nursing staff.

Ixande’s addiction treatment philosophy is an abstinence-based programme built on12 -Step principles. We facilitate an individualised, comprehensive and supportive recovery plan for each of our clients. We encourage clients to find and practice healthy ways of dealing with their feelings and experiences, and create a solid platform from which they may develop a revised plan for their lives.

Our therapeutic approach is both integrated and holistic in style, and we offer a wide array of additional therapeutic and stress reduction activities including yoga, trauma release therapy, mindfulness meditation, therapeutic art and drama, mountain and beach walks.

Situated in Kenilworth, Cape Town in South Africa, our twenty-bed facility provides a secure, nurturing, compassionate and supportive environment. Ixande is ideally placed for easy access to all facilities in the Cape Town area.

Ixande (meaning the house of many corners) is a beautiful Victorian home with a pretty garden featuring a gazebo, quiet areas for reflection and a large swimming pool.

Overseas clients considering treatment abroad in Cape Town: why come overseas to Ixande for addiction treatment?

Read our page dedicated to our clients from abroad

Are you looking to further safeguard your recovery or for accommodation in a sober living house ?

Ixande now offers accommodation in a safe and healthy environment in our Sober Living House – read more here

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