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Scared of going to Rehab?

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There are many myths about Rehab – from they are only for rich and famous celebrities to they are places of punishment and pain.

Neither are true and these thoughts can keep you or your loved one back from making the important decision to get some help.  Professional help is available – whether as an outpatient or inpatient and you will be cared for and supported during the treatment process.

Detox symptoms and withdrawals are managed by Doctors and Nursing staff to ensure that you are comfortable and not in any pain.

Another misconception is that you need to have hit rock bottom to be ready for rehab.  Getting help before life changing negative consequences occur is better for both you and your family.  Even binge abusers of alcohol and drugs need help staying stopped.

Very few people can do it on their own.  Rehab provides connection to others going through the same experience and challenges and helps you to reconnect to your true self.  The structure and support provide a recovery base to help keep you clean going forward.

Another scary factor that keeps people from getting the help they need is ‘stigma’.  Many people feel they may be labelled with negative stereotypes associated with addiction in the past.  However, today almost everybody knows someone who has overcome addiction and they are garnered with the respect they deserve.  Recovery from addiction is something to be proud of.  Celebs have helped by proudly advertising their recovery from addiction or alcoholism.

A lot of people suffering from addiction are scared to enter rehab as they are worried that they might fail.  They would have exposed the problem but fear they may not be able to follow through on recovery.  This is understandable but relapse does not mean you have failed – it just means you need more help in staying stopped.  Any intervention with the disease is worthwhile.

On the other hand, it can be scary to think about never using again and not having the drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism.  That is what treatment is about – developing new and more helpful coping mechanisms so that you don’t need to rely on old behaviours.  And if you think you may never have fun again – think about your using and whether it really is fun anymore.

Trauma can be kept at bay with drugs and alcohol, but it always pokes through in the end.  Stopping using means you may have to come to terms with your trauma and find healthier ways of coping.  This can be very scary and difficult, but treatment professionals can help you through this process and help you to manage the symptoms and deal with your trauma.

Not one that is easy to admit but many people fear Rehab as they are worried that they may not be liked or get on with the other clients.  One of the most amazing things about Rehab is the sense of community and connection that develops so quickly amongst clients from all walks of life.  At last you will find people around you who you can relate to and accept you as you are.

If the list of things putting you off going to Rehab is long, try making a list of the reasons why you should go to Rehab – guaranteed it will be much longer!

Cape Town rehab. If you or a loved one needs help in making the decision to get some help please contact us on Tel. 021-7617348 or email us on info@ixande.co.za

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