Overseas Clients

At Ixande you can expect dedicated professional addiction treatment at very affordable prices.

Why come overseas to Ixande for addiction treatment?

  • Our prices are a fraction of what you would pay in your home country
  • The favourable exchange rate allows for affordable long term rehab treatment
  • Ixande provides the highest standard of professional care
  • Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in the world
  • Ixande is a popular choice for overseas clients from United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, USA and the Middle East

Arrival and Departure

  • Our clients are fetched directly from airport arrivals, and escorted to Passport control on departure, after completion of treatment.

Family programme

  • Sometimes it is essential for clients to remove themselves from a risky environment whether it be using friends or enabling family members.
  • Treatment at Ixande in Cape Town allows for a healthy distance whilst at the same time we provide for any necessary family involvement

Integration and Sightseeing

  • A key aspect of rehab treatment at Ixande is integration into a recovery lifestyle.
  • This means that clients are given the opportunity to engage in recovery based activities outside of the facility in the later phase of treatment.
  • For example outings to the beach, hiking up Table Mountain or visiting Robben Island.

Ixande FEES

For 3 months treatment inclusive of all costs, you can expect to pay R200,000 (+- £11,500/US$15,000)


*Please go to www.xe.com to calculate up to date cost in: GBP, Euro, US dollar etc.

Included in treatment fees:    Fees per 28 days R 57,500.00 * inc. VAT

  • Bed and full board (in shared accommodation)
  • Full treatment including individual and group therapy and psycho education and DBT
  • Drama therapy
  • Holistic therapies including mindfulness meditation, yoga, and Trauma Release therapy
  • Transport to 12 Step meetings

* Excludes medical detox fees where needed (R4,000 per day) – usually 3 days

* Emergency medical expenses/emergency deposit (R20,000) – refundable if not used

* Excludes Doctor and Psychiatrist fees, blood tests and medication (approx. R6000)

* Excludes pocket money (approx. R7000 per 28 days)

* Excludes dental treatment (recommended as very affordable in South Africa)

If you or someone you love needs help, please contact us for information and assistance.


Call: +27 21 761 7348