Ixande Drug and Alcohol Detox


Ixande now offers a self-contained registered Detox unit for medically supervised Detox from alcohol or substances, or as part of an in-patient treatment programme.

Following an assessment by our specialist Medical Doctor, Ixande provides a comfortable environment where your Detox is managed through continuous monitoring by our supportive 24hr Nursing team.

The purpose of a medical detoxification is to safely manage the acute symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drugs or alcohol use. The withdrawal symptoms will vary from person to person, and depend upon the substance from which you will be withdrawing. These symptoms will treated with a medication regime as determined by our Medical Doctor. The Nursing staff will assist in helping you to manage any discomfort.

The Detox unit provides:

o   Full board and accommodation in private detox room

o   24hr nursing care by our registered professional Nursing team

o   Continuous assessment of level of withdrawal symptoms

o   Administering of detox medication regimes

o   24 hour emergency medical backup (ER24)

The specialist Medical Doctor will provide:

o   Comprehensive assessment for Detox

o   Prescribed treatment for physical symptoms of withdrawal

o   Daily re-assessment and 24hr on call

Additional costs:

o   Detoxification medication and pathology tests (blood tests) if required

We are registered to accept Medical Aid payments towards the Detox fees. Please contact us at Ixande for our daily Detox rate.


“My name is Charmaine and today, I am a grateful addict. Ixande saved my life! A very bold statement yes, but as the saying goes, “Rockbottom is the foundation on which I built my recovery” and Ixande is the solid pillars of my foundation. At Ixande I learned about my addiction, I took the basic steps required to accept my addiction, I connected with my Higher Power, I embraced the 12 Step program and together with the assistance of the counsellers and staff Ixande, I could start my recovery journey and continue to fight the battle to stay clean and sober. I am clean and sober for just over 12 months now. Thank you Ixande, I will keep coming back to you!”


Ixande Detox is fully registered with the Department of Health, and all our detoxification protocols and procedures are standardized, official, and adhere to best practice.




If you or someone you love needs help, please contact us for information and assistance.  We are a designated medical aid service provider.



Call: +27 21 761 7348