Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a registered facility?

Yes. It is very important to ensure that your treatment facility is not only registered with the Department of Social Development, Department of Health and Board of Health Care Funders, but that it also adheres to all of the statutory requirements. These requirements include 24hr registered Nursing staff and professionally trained counselling staff.

Will my medical aid pay for treatment?

Yes we are registered for medical aid claims. Medical aid will contribute towards your treatment costs. You will need to supply us with your medical aid details in order for us to ascertain how much your medical aid will contribute.

Is 28 days long enough for effective treatment?

Studies have shown that longer treatment produces better results. We recommend at least 3 months treatment, however we able to consolidate your treatment programme should circumstances not allow for lengthier treatment time. Our on going free twice weekly aftercare programme ensures sustained treatment opportunities.

Can you treat depression and anxiety?

Depression and anxiety are common complaints amongst those who abuse alcohol and substances. Our multi-disciplinary team are able to access the necessary resources to ensure all our client’s needs are addressed. Our treatment programme focuses on stress reduction and uplifting activities, as well as cognitive behavioural therapy that provides many opportunities for managing these challenges.

Will I need to see a psychiatrist?

Our multi-disciplinary team evaluates each client and if necessary will refer them to one of our consulting psychiatrists.

Will I be allowed to exercise?

Our program is filled with a variety of different forms of exercise. These include daily walks, yoga, reiki, biodanza dancing, beach and mountain walks.

 Are family members allowed to visit?

Family visiting times are Sundays 13h00 to 16h00. We consider that the family and friends of our clients can play an important role in the treatment process. You will be invited to participate in several ways including being invited to provide family impact letters (describing how your loved ones addictive behaviour has affected you and your family), attending counselling sessions, as well as participate in our monthly Family Day. This is at no extra cost.

What do I need to bring?

We provide a comprehensive packing list. Should additional items be required these can be ordered through our administration department or brought in by family members.

Are there any extra costs?

Pocket money is required for personal expenses such as toiletries and laundry, as well as for some of our community outings. Other costs that are not included are medication, drug testing, transport costs, as well as additional medical and psychiatrist fees. We endeavour to keep extra costs to a minimum.

Can you guarantee treatment success?

Addiction is considered to be a chronic disease and relapse is sometimes part of the recovery process.  It is key that family members are educated around what to expect and how to handle their loved ones if they do not adhere to recovery guidelines.  We are always available to provide ongoing advice and encouragement, and our free Aftercare programme provides ample opportunities for ongoing support.

Will I have counselling?

Every aspect of our programme is considered to be part of the therapeutic process. This will include weekly sessions with your assigned counsellor, as well as family conjoint sessions and ongoing individual attention on a daily basis.

 Can you treat eating disorders?

We understand that our clients often present with multiple addictive behaviours and we are able to address these problems with our integrated and individualised programme. Whilst a specialised unit may be required for certain clients, an assessment will provide us with the information required to ascertain where eating disorder treatment is best placed.

Can you accept clients with a dual diagnosis?

Many of our clients present with a dual diagnosis. We work closely with our consultant psychiatrists to ensure that our clients are provided a with comprehensive treatment and recovery plan which may include ongoing pharmacological care.

Do I need a Visa to enter South Africa?

Most countries do not need special Visa to enter South Africa. You are likely to be able to enter on a normal 3 month Visitors Visa. Should you need to extend treatment beyond 3 months then we can assist you in applying for an extension or to apply for a medical Visa.



Are you a religious programme?

Admission is available to clients irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, culture, ideology, political or religious beliefs, and sexual orientation. We do encourage all our clients to explore and engage with their spirituality, however we do not promote or enforce any particular religious beliefs. Access to church, synagogues or mosques allowed on a weekly basis.

Can I keep my cell phone?

In order to keep the Ixande environment safe and secure for all our clients we ensure that access to phones and internet is managed, or in some cases supervised at all times. Phones and laptops are handed in on admission, however access to the phone/internet is provided on a regular basis.

Please contact us, to answer each and every question that you may have regarding treatment options at Ixande.

“This was not my first time in ‘rehab’. I arrived thinking i would be home in 5 weeks. However I was in a very broken state and my addiction had really taken it’s toll on my mind, body and spirit. I was a complete mess! The staff and clinical team were so supportive from day 1 and knew exactly what was going on with me. The weeks ahead were very turbulent in many ways but i learnt with the guidance of the amazing team at Ixande how to get real and break my denial system. I could not do this on my own and I couldn’t have found a better place to get the help I so desperately needed. Ixande you saved my life and put me on the path to recovery. I have endless gratitude to you and your dedicated team. Thank you.
Susan, UK