Addiction Recovery Programme

Addiction Recovery – what does it mean?

Addiction can take many forms: alcohol and substance dependence, process addictions like gambling, sex and love addiction, eating disorders, co-dependency, even computer games or social networking. Recovery from addiction begins with abstinence from mood and mind altering chemicals. This is because denial can only be effectively confronted when the brain is sober.

Effective recovery requires acceptance that there is a problem, as well as a willingness to stop using mood and mind altering chemicals. Motivational interviewing techniques provide the opportunity for our clients to confront their denial. Thereafter, Ixande offers an addiction treatment programme based on 12-Step principles and proven methods of therapeutic intervention, which are conducted both individually, as well as in groups. This programme provides the platform for implementing changes in both thinking and behaviour, as well as developing coping methods for challenging feelings, or situations which may trigger thoughts that feed addictive behaviour.

Recovery is a process of integrating sobriety and behavioural change into every aspect of our lives. This means taking care of ourselves:

  • Physically, through eating healthily and exercising
  • Socially, through restoring relationships with family, and developing new helping relationships with friends
  • Emotionally, through seeking support and developing healthy coping methods for dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Intellectually, through addressing irrational thoughts and developing a better understanding of the disease of addiction and ourselves, by working through the 12-Steps
  • Spiritually, by restoring a sense of connection to others and developing more meaning and purpose in life by practising the 12-steps on a daily basis
  • Environmentally, through taking responsibility for our place in the world by providing for others and ourselves in a mutually beneficial way

Ixande offers an extended in-patient treatment programme, relapse prevention and aftercare, which provides our clients with on-going support and ensures that a thorough recovery plan is in place before discharge takes place.

Miquel, Holland

“Been clean and sober ever since, almost 2 and a half years now. That foundation for my recovery was laid at Ixande House and there isn’t a day that goes by that i’m not grateful for that.”

If you or someone you love needs help, please contact us for information and assistance.  We are a designated medical aid service provider.


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