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Sex addiction help

FitnesstrainingSex addiction is a far cry from the glamorous reports about movie stars who have been unfaithful to their spouses. Sex addicts are often overwhelmed with guilt and shame and can become full of self-loathing. Often these feelings result from childhood sexual abuse or other forms of untreated post-traumatic stress. A cycle of addictive behaviour develops in an attempt to avoid unbearable feelings. Intervention is required to stop the addiction cycle and abstinence around the acting out behaviour needs to be put in place for a length of time.

Ixande provides specialized professional in-patient addiction treatment and on-going support during this time. Recovery is challenging as the sex addict can be faced with their ‘drug of choice’ often on a daily basis (whether it is compulsive flirting or cyber-sex). Long-term treatment is usually required in order to facilitate the development of a healthy relationship with themselves and their sexual health.

Ixande utilizes the sex addiction recovery programme researched by Patrick Carnes and is facilitated by the only qualified registered IITAP (The international institute for trauma and addiction professionals) sex addiction therapist in South Africa.

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